Thursday, February 22, 2018

Sunshine Helps

Tiny, cute homes are always enhanced by bright Sunshine and Shadows. my drive by continues.

Peoples in sleeping bags, are the tacos of the bear world... heh heh heh

Color me Happy Camper, This is how we ROLL

I could live in the tiny home above, could you? Even parked in a park, I could live in this home on wheels. RV having fun yet?
and when on the road I would be the one saying RV there yet?

Happy 51st Birthday to my son Daniel.... Yes, I had him when I was TEN....

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

For Sale..

My drive by home collection continues... these two are for sale. Notice they both have pretty painted doors.
Which one would you pick?
Either one or neither one?
What is your favorite style Home?
My favorite style is log cabin HERE or Cracker Style HERE  the style my grandmother lived in, actually both grandmothers. I like OLD and Rustic.

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Orange you glad to be here?

California Mandarin Oranges OH MY
 The sun comes in and points out what ever is in the fruit bowl. These bags of Oranges, peel like a tangerine and are even better than cake! I can not lie, they are better than cake. Repeat after me, Oranges taste better than Cake.... 
Did you hear what happened when the orange met a boxer?
He was beaten to a pulp.
Orange you glad you know me?
Orange you glad I shared this?
Sorry! you all know I just can't concentrate!

For dinner most nights, I have hummus on Wasa bread with cucumber slices or I dip radishes, carrots and cucumbers in the hummus. A small bit of air popped pop corn and that is my dinner. We eat our main meal at lunch time.
The sun also points out the back of the chair. Orange you glad you came here to see it?