Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Happy Harvest

Walmart cellphone pic

found on the tables at my TOPS meeting, edit of cell phone pic done in PicMonkey

Hay there, gourd-eous!  Will you be my pumpkin? Is this corny? or do you carrot at all?
 Let's all turnip the beet  , put on your Har Har-vest and make Happy on our Harvest Thanksgiving Day. These may be a little crumby, but they will never get stale.
cell pic unedited
lunapic edit of below pic
Walmart Cell Pic

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Canine Christmas 2017

In Sunday post I asked if anyone could guess where we went on Saturday PHUNDAY... Can you guess now. My 9th annual visit to the fund raiser, Canine Christmas Festival, for our local shelters.

In 2009 my friend Rich invited me to meet him at my first ever Canine Christmas, he lived in an Assisted Living facility and drove his chair over to meet me. We attended 6 Festivals together and I still miss him. Saturday was my 3rd visit without him. PRIOR POST on Rich my friend, my Photoshop Professor, and lover of all critters on the planet.

In memory Rich Rodgers November 8th, 2015

Bright sun, 70 degrees and Twas a beautiful day in our neighborhood, Come follow Madsnapper and Bob as we wander the paths filled with DOGS, lots of DOGS... A few dozen up for rescue, but many bring their pets.

Above you see a black German Shepherd and the red dog with him is my most favorite dog at the park. I loved him on sight. His name is Bogie and you will see MANY photos of him in the future. He was not up for adoption. See that big beautiful face below? I am in love

the muzzle is to keep him from pulling to hard, he was so friendly

Monday, November 20, 2017

Ringling Favorites

As we stepped into this room, I walked straight to one of the photos and stood staring. I said to Lola, finally a time I recognize. These are all paintings from George Washing Era and sure enough they were all from the 1700-1800 era. The other rooms were centuries old. I could tell by the clothing and faces.

This one I looked at for a long time, all the men were in black, the lady in white and she jumped out of the painting with white light. I wish I could have captures the glitter of her white dress. Sadly I forgot to check the name of the painting
UPDATE Nov 20th. I call this Lady in White. She is actually Sarah Bernhardt, actress in 1889. the group are Parisian Celebreties... this link will give you all there names A Portrait Group of Parisian Society in 1889

Below is my favorite and the first one I went to in this room. Doesn't he look like a 1777 James Bond with a slight resemblance to my hubby Bob????