Thursday, April 19, 2018

YAY! for Thrift Stores

I don't wander through thrift stores, I only go when I want a specific item. I do not do impulse shopping and only purchase what I have a need for.

My first stop is always Manatee Memorial Hospital Thrift. I can say that I have never gone there looking for something that they did not have it... The item I wanted was a tote to carry my TOPS Club books, papers and one I could drop a small purse that has phone and wallet in with the books.   Here in Bradenton, we have thrifts stores on every corner..

This black leather TOTE is Saks Fifth Ave and is perfect at 19 inches wide and 12 deep. The colorful bag, Kirna Zabete has my papers and booklets in it. The one closest to the black bag on line is 173.00 .  I paid $4.00 for the black and $2.00 for the colored one..  They had many totes that would have worked and some were only 1.00 but the leather one grabbed me...AS YOU READ THIS I AM AT MY TOPS MEETING WITH THE TWO BAGS, BUT ONLY BETWEEN 8:30 AND 10:30 AM. other than those times who knows where I am.

See the map, the yellow around blue is my house, the one the yellow point to is where I got these, the other 5 in a line, all of them are only six tenths of a mile from me. All the red shops are under 3 miles, if I widen to five miles it doubles the amount of stores and Linda Chapman, bloggers Thrift Queen would have to move here,

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Man in a bucket

Above is the view through a hole in our canopy of a silver oak really tall, as in 5 stories tall tree. I heard what sounded like a chain saw in one of our trees and raced out to see if some unknow person was in our tree,  Two house over is where the tree is and as you can see, it is hard to see it.

 My trusty Nikon 610 zoomed out though the narrow hole in the branches and I started to snap as the driver of the bucket would hook a chain to a limb, saw it off, it would fall and hang down, and he would drive the bucket over the front yard to drop limb so the man on the ground could place in the chomper.... You can see it was hard to see the man, but when I lightened the top pick he was staring right at my camera as in what are you doing? I went inside

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Our Environment Matters

Paper straws on Amazon

My prior post, stated if you use a straw, you can drink more water. Please if you use straws, buy paper straws that are biodegradable. We need to be aware of what we do every day that we don't know we do it.... we all need to be more aware and buy biodegradable when we can.

My friend KBbear at Romping and Rolling in the Rockies, reminded me  , via comment that Straws are really bad for our environment. THANK YOU.... I answered her comment with I wonder if they still make paper straws. THEY DO.. and they are at Amazon and other places.

NOTE: for a feel good moment visit her post at link above. The Planet we need to protect is visible on her blog every day.

This LINK will take you to horror stories of what plastic straws can do to animals, birds and fish. I HAD NO IDEA..

One Green Planet tells us ... EACH DAY HUMANS PRODUCE AND UTILIZE 500,000,000 STRAWS.  click the link for details.
500 million straws a day... if that seems to high in number, think of every fast food place, gas stations and convenience store that a straw comes with every drink. Plus mothers putting juice with straws in lunch boxes...
Original Made in USA Paper Straws on AARDVARK